If a night consisting of arcade games, Beer, Tacos, fun-fair rides and a very large scale Candy Crush sounds good in your books, then I have found you a place!

Westergasbriek is a cultural venue in Amsterdam West that hold exciting events all year round, from film festivals to music sessions, from gourmet food markets to art shows. Situated in Westerpark, it is made up of a crew of great bars and clubs, namely Pacific Parc and The North Sea Jazz Club, but there are also shops, restaurants and much else to attract the daytime visitor.

Let’s head over!


We arrived outside Westerpark to a dazzling spectacle of lights on the water, which we discovered was down to the Kermis Fair; Amsterdam’s largest. It moves around the city, but entry is always free.


Walking in, we were greeted with booming music and neon light everywhere we turned!






A feast for the eyes! Having dragged ourselves away from the never-ending pink of the fair, we arrived at Westergasfabriek’s Zuiveringshal building further along the park.


Between March 13th-16th, the building hosted the Ton Ton Club XL. The Ton Ton Club is normally an everyday gaming club in the Red Light District, but it was transported to Westerfabriek in “Xtra large” form for this weekend.


We entered the old factory space to see dozens of picnic tables with groups of happy drinkers, and hear the DJ play upbeat songs from the large station

IMG_7136 - Version 2


All around the room were arcade games, racers, pinball machines, even group guitar-hero. It was literally a big kids playroom in new-school style!



The non-gamers hung out and chatted, and the atmosphere was as electric as the games.


Speaking of interesting places to hang out…..


Only in Amsterdam would beer and a ballpit meet!

Getting out not quite so easy!

To use the games, or buy your beer/meal of choice, you had to queue for these tokens:


However once accomplished, there were so many great stalls to choose from- from hot dogs, to chinese buns, to mexican everythang! And a mile long bar of course.


“Wendy’s Bao” chinese
Carribean rolls



These cupcakes and cookies on a stick definitely get points for innovation!

Sweet potato and spinach quesadilla with lime, salsa and sour cream


But Jerrie and Emer reccomended the infamous Taco’s above all else!


The only problem with the evening was that if you went outside you had to queue to get back in, and it wasn’t a small queue!

We all agreed that it was an amazingly unique night, and not something we would have ever experienced in our respective home cities. The Ton Ton Club posted a video of the weekend’s events which captures it well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gezshiq2I0k

It is definitely worth keeping up with what is going on at Westergasfabriek for all kinds of fun (and games!) so check out their website too: http://www.westergasfabriek.nl/westergasfabriek

By the end we were all gamed out, so we jumped in the car and drove home!

Coming through!

That’s all for now,

Love O xxx

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