A Trip To The Movies

A Trip To The Movies

I just love going to the movies. When you barely feel like leaving your house, let alone going to a club and being sociable, meeting a few friends to see a film and inevitably going for a chilled out drink before/afterwards is the perfect answer.

Luckilly Amsterdam has much to offer in the way of cinema. Pathe Tuschinski is the main movie theatre, probably because of its location just off Rembrantplein (the tourist centre) It is part of the main theater chain in the Netherlands…but rather than having a typical feel, just look how beautiful it is!





You actually feel like you are about to see a play, not a film, and the Aztec decor and huge ceiling with a dress circle at the top make it feel super grand. Built in 1921, the architect addresses the styles of Art Deco, Jugendstil and Amsterdamse School. The theatre is still used for premieres and you can even see the red carpet being whipped out, and dozens of papparazzi.

Anyway, what I really wanted to show you is The Movies.


At the end of Haarlemerdijk, The Movies is the oldest still running movie theatre in Amsterdam. Before World War II it was defined as the neighborhood cinema. It mainly plays Art House movies and more niche stuff but you can go here for all the Hollywood blockbusters. At night the big billboard glows with the names of the films it’s showing, it totally makes you feel like you’re in the 1920s! I think it is still a super popular neighbourhood haunt, and when a few of us tried to go and see “Selma” on a saturday night it was completely booked up. We then travelled into the centre to try Pathe, but the only film with any seats was 50 Shades of Grey. Hence the irretrievable situation where I have now seen that film twice.

Anyway moving on from that troubling information, lets go inside……

It’s so old!

The beautiful art deco interior combined with the restaurant and the quality films in the four rooms makes it a very oldschool stylish evening in a cozy atmosphere.



Fabulous photography, I’m sure pheobe will agree
Peak into a film screen


And here it is at night, looking fly!


It is really cool to go somewhere that is so uncommercialized and makes you appreciate how people used to feel about going to ‘the movies’, something so exciting and worth getting dressed up for.

After a drink in Rembrantplein, we finished our night with the standard Dutch friets. (Ok well I didnt, but these guys did and I lived vicariously through them!)



Wrapped up in pink and white paper tissue paper around long cones, these are crispy, crunchy, REALLY good (looking) fries. Hopefully I will be confirming my own observations before I have left Amsterdam!

So that’s a very short look at the cinemas in the city. Although it is a pretty commonplace thing to do back at home, in Amsterdam it has become something to look forward to when you get to see the film in such cool places.

That’s all for now!

Love O xxxxx